random and in no particular order…..like my workouts

I have been told a million, no a million and one times, that I am a guy's girl, whatever that truly means. I am biologically a girl, true statement. I follow basketball and football. Football to the point where my Thursday nights, some Saturday's, definitely all day Sunday/Sunday night and Monday nights are pretty much … Continue reading random and in no particular order…..like my workouts

Institutionalized? you don’t say…..

So they we were, parked in front of Charter Westbrook, Richmond VA. For those of you unfamiliar, and I hope you are, unfamiliar. Charter Westbrook is an inpatient facility for the mentally disturbed. It houses your drug addicts, your bipolars, schizophrenics, manic depressed types, suicidals, eating disorders and so on. So they we were. My father … Continue reading Institutionalized? you don’t say…..