Well, Is it?

All my life I have thought I have a story to tell. But what makes my story of childhood abuse, running away, being homeless, being a teenage mom, rebelling so different from anyone else’s story of troubles?

Well, quite simply, it’s MY story. and it IS relevant.

My children don’t know me, really KNOW me. They know the mother they see everyday, or saw everyday, before they left the nest. The nest that more often than not, was broken and held together by my fake smiles, miracle birthdays and ability to pretend like we were exactly where we were supposed to be even when we were homeless.

I have never felt like I belonged to anyone or anything. I have gone through the motions of life because that is what we are supposed to do. I belong to the universe and I intend to tell you how I know that to be my painful truth.

I am everyone else’s…everything.

It is a lonely, painful journey and I am hoping through this, this truth, that if I alone as a human being can’t find someone to belong to that my story will have a home in your heart and that I can find peace with my journey.




6 thoughts on “Well, Is it?

    1. I learned a lot, for that I am grateful. I have better understanding of so many aspects of my own life after this read and past week. It is amazing lessons I was able to learn about others. Thank you for sharing

  1. Wow Christie, that was an amazing read!!

    When I had finished reading your story, I was taken aback. It actually took me quite some time to gather my thoughts and my composure before I could write you a response.

    I never thought it possible to find someone who would have the ability to listen & comprehend my story….. And although our life experiences may differ from one another, the sound of your inner most being is almost identical to mine!!! Its as though our soul’s speak the one unique language! Or almost as though you had told your story from my lips. I seriously didn’t think there was anyone on Earth who thought, felt, perceived, or experienced the World in the same way I did!!!!

    Fortunately i now know that’s not the case…. Thank you so so much for sharing!!

    There is great wisdom in your words and there is great courage in sharing them!


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