random and in no particular order…..like my workouts

I have been told a million, no a million and one times, that I am a guy’s girl, whatever that truly means.

I am biologically a girl, true statement. I follow basketball and football. Football to the point where my Thursday nights, some Saturday’s, definitely all day Sunday/Sunday night and Monday nights are pretty much booked from the beginning of the pre-season until the Superbowl.

I drink beer, too much actually, and CRAFT beer at that, I am a beer snob, unless I’m broke, which is often during football season with the fantasy leagues and side betting of course. I cuss, a little too much for my own taste sometimes, but it rolls off the tongue better in a sports bar, alot better than “aww shucks!”  or “dag nab it!”….after all, I am a Miami Dolphins fan through and through and before you give me shit about that, let me just say two things, #1. UNDEFEATED & #2. on my grandmother’s death bed and I mean this in the most literal sense of the word, She asked to watch Monday night football with the family, asked for her Zack Thomas jersey and her Miami Dolphins blanket, watched them lose and passed away the very next morning.

Her final words to me (and I am not writing this for dramatic effect) were “Wake me up for kickoff, lets hope they can do something”  Well they didn’t, but she was a die hard HOPEFUL fan til the end, so my allegiance will never change!

Anyway, back to the point.

I watch sports, have an affinity for violence in movies, hate chick flicks and love songs,have worked every day since I was 15 years old, drink beer and am just as comfortable sitting alone in a biker bar as I am surrounded by friends and family at an art gallery, yet I am alone.

I get that men that like the “idea” of me but ultimately they want someone to coddle and protect or rescue. I have this one girlfriend who is a total wreck of a human being. Always some major drama or meltdown on the horizon and she’s not exactly a Scarlet Johansen type, she’s more of a Rosanne Barr type but this chick ALWAYS has men clamoring to pay her bills, buy her computers, purses, tires for her car, taking her to dinners, lunches, plays etc.

I can’t get a man to change a light bulb in my house if he’s sleeping over (now that’s a slight exaggeration but not by much) and it leaves me wondering….do guys just say they want a guy’s girl so they don’t have to put the maintenance in, or are they really all just looking to be someone’s superhero??  If the later is the case, I am excepting applications.



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