why are you doing this? MTV

I am getting a lot of that these days. Why are you doing this? Why are you putting yourself out there like this now?

I used to dance. That was my way of expressing myself. I would pour myself into choreography. It was my dream. I actually wanted to BE Debbie Allen. I see movement when I listen to music. I see stages and costumes and lighting. I used to dance all the time, in a dance troupe, in a theater, on a stage,for hours. I still dance in the privacy of my home. I haven’t lost it, haven’t lost anything. I am still flexible and passionate but I no longer need an audience, so I write.

And although I can’t seem to translate my emotions or my story as well as I could with dance, I try to get it all out and be as authentic as possible.

I decided to write this story as a way of documenting a life that even I can’t believe I have lead sometimes. I write it as a way of saying that not every high school teenage mother is a loser or a drug addict or a welfare recipient.

That despite my flaws and imperfections and mistakes I have never given up.

Sometimes we stand on our own two feet, sometimes we go on to work full time jobs while going to school full time to get a college degree.

Sometimes we can make it work.

It’s not always been roses. in fact, it’s been really hard.

But sometimes you can raise a boy to become a well rounded, intelligent, talented man and you can raise a daughter to become a beautiful, independent, driven soul.

Where’s the MTV series for that?


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