Homeless. The Lord’s Place and the Dollar Store.

Bruce has decided he wants to be in our lives.

He is going to try. He is going to get a job, find us a place to live.He is going to give up strip clubs, porn, and the 900 numbers. My mother does not want him staying with her, with us. She tries to reason with me to see that he is not a good man. I just want out.

I have 2 kids under the age of 3. I did finally get my license. Bruce tells me he has found a job working at the Lord’s Place in Boynton Beach. They will give us an efficiency  apartment on the premises, he will look after the residents, homeless people who are trying to get back on their feet, make sure they are in for curfew, do odd jobs around the property etc. He has also taken a job at a local christian radio station making 100.00 a week. Well, it’s a place to stay. We move in.

We have nothing, no furniture, no food, no cleaning supplies, nothing. There is a food pantry on site and people donate furniture so I gather up useful items and prepare for life at the homeless shelter. Curfew was 10:00pm. I decide I need to try to find a job.

There are volunteers who will help with your children. I have no car so I walk to the mall and start going store to store applying for jobs. I have no phone and don’t want to list my address as The Lord’s Place. I am ashamed.

I know Bruce has lied. We aren’t there in a “working” capacity.

We ARE the homeless.

I am in a homeless shelter with 2 children and Christmas is fast approaching. This eats away at my soul. How can this be my life? How can I tell my family that I have made yet another mistake?

The Dollar Store has a help wanted sign and I go in. I ask for the application, ask to speak to the manager and beg for a job. He does not hire me. I go back to that same store three more times, begging. On my third trip, he decides to give me a chance and hires me. It is one of the proudest moments of my life.

I feel for the first time like I can do something to get us out of this life. it is short lived. The Lord’s Place takes 75% of your income with the promise they are saving it for you so you will have enough money when it’s time to leave for an apartment or a house, whatever. I never see the money again.

I have lost all faith, not only in God which happened years before, but in people.


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