Incident # 2 gArAGE aPARTmENT

The second incident occurred when I was at home alone with Josh….shocking I know.

Typical day.

A knock on the door. I look out to see a tall, thin man. Harmless enough, I answer the door. Josh is in his crib in his room playing happily.

“Can I help you?”…

he locks eyes with me and asks if i know where my landlord is. I reply no I am sorry I don’t, did you try the main house? … He stares at me hard for an eternity. I stare back. I am not backing down. The hairs on my neck stand up. I can take him I am thinking. He is small and fraile and if I have to, I am going to kill this man.

He turns to leave and I lock the door behind him. I go tend to Joshua, play a little bit then start to walk back into the kitchen.

The man is sitting on my couch smiling, a cool collected smile.

I am on the highest alert. I am ready to kill this man. I am going to kill this man. He is in my home. I am alone with my son.

He holds up a set of keys and says calmly to me ” I would tell Mr. so&so to change the locks next time, you never know what kind of element will show up in this area”.

He calmly gets up and walks out. I am terrified. I have no idea what just really happened or why. Of course, my loving christian husband is nowhere to be found yet again.

You may detect a hint of bitterness. You aren’t wrong. I hate him. He is not a husband, a father, or a protector of women and children. He is a porn addict, a hypocrite and a liar.

And he is mine….all mine.

These are the last few days spent in this place.


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