Garage Sale…..

If I remember correctly Bruce just up and went to Virginia. He was so far in debt, his addiction to pornography and all things vile had depleted him of any money he was making and he ran away. He left me and the kids behind because he said he knew my family would take me in if he wasn’t in the picture. He was doing it all for us. The kids went to my grandparents house while I packed our personal belongings up and my mother helped organize a garage sale for the following Saturday. During this time one of my neighbors, Pam came over, she like me had two children roughly the same ages as my own and more often than not we would spend mornings together having coffee while the kids played. Pam says she would really like to speak with me privately and would I walk over to her house for a moment. As we walk she is telling me that she wanted to tell me sooner, that she has been trying to stay out of it but in light of recent events she just had to come clean. She tells me that Bruce has been having an affair with one of our other neighbors, Vicki. She says it has happened during those block parties during beer and ice runs or after I have left to put the kids to bed when the men would stay behind playing horse shoes or just shooting the shit. She says the whole neighborhood knows and she’s sorry. Now I will say that this shocked me and I know it seems stupid that I say that, but I KNEW he had issues with porn and strippers and 900 numbers. I didn’t ever believe it would translate to an affair with an actual flesh and blood human being. I always believed it was about the fantasy, the taboo, the unattainable. Not my neighbor. So because I could not reach him and I was being evicted and he was nowhere to be found, I went to confront this neighbor right then and there. I banged on her door in a rage and demanded to know the truth. When she confirmed it was still a slap in the face and demanded proof. When she described a certain part of his anatomy, there was NO denying it. Not even to myself. I stormed off, told my mother what had happened, and sold everything I had the next Saturday to one of the first people to arrive at the garage sale. I offered everything to them for twenty dollars if they would just take it all away. And they did.


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