Meanwhile…..back in Wellington. I’m a thief?

I don’t even know how it happened, but it did. One minute we were living in a homeless shelter through Christmas and the next minute we were living in a nice home in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Palm Beach County. Bruce went from a $100.00 per week job at a christian radio station to being a sports writer with the Palm Beach Post and the Associated Press. We went from having one run down vehicle to having a forest green Dodge Caravan and a little silver Mazda Miata. I have NO idea how. Bruce talked a good game and could get people to do things, loan him things and give him things all the time. The kids had their own room with kid things and toys in it. I felt a sense of pride even though my marriage itself was still a joke. I jumped into the “wellington” life style as best as I could. We made friends with the neighbors and their children played with my children. I still worked at the dollar store, but not for long. One day while balancing the drawers mine came up ten dollars short. It was the first time I was ever missing money. I counted, recounted, counted again. I was mortified, I told my manager right away. I looked all around the floor, went through my receipts. I had no idea what to do. I know I was crying and he looked at me and said “why don’t you just put it back?”   put what back?  “the money”. You think I TOOK TEN DOLLARS????  what? If I was going to steal and risk losing my job it would be for more than a lousy ten dollars!!!!!  I was beyond insulted. In all my life I had never stolen from anyone. EVER. I was sent home. The manager called me the next morning to say they had found the ten dollar bill stuck to the underside of the drawer. He didn’t apologize for accusing me or for sending me home. He just simply explained he found the money. Well good for him. I quit, the damage was done. 



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