M, Club Safari & a proposal

I met my second husband at the club that I fell in love with. In the days just after Bruce left it had become a haven for me, an outlet. I could go and dance and get lost in this adult world and just forget about everything for a few hours. I loved that place. Me and my best friend M became regulars there and found a new sort of family. It was like reuniting with relatives every weekend. We had nicknames for everyone. The happy couple, backwards walking lady, Kmart, the walrus  and so on, we loved them all. After Bruce disappeared and my divorce was final, I was truly single and in my early 20’s. I had NEVER dated, except a movie or two in high school. This was foreign territory. I was BAD at it. I mean where do you start when someone in their 20’s asks you about yourself? Oh hi, I’m Christie, abandoned single mother of 2, formerly homeless, now living with my mother. Yea, not the most desirable candidate in the dating pool. So my club life became my date. I would go out on Friday evenings before our trip to Chuck E Cheese and shop for a new outfit to wear. You see I was there so often, I couldn’t possibly be seen in the same thing twice. There was this cheap clothing store called “Rainbow”. I called it the disposable clothing store because after one wash it all fell apart, but I would go there and pick out an outfit, excited to show it off to my date (a.k.a Club Safari), it became affectionately known as Club So Sorry in later days. The one thing I knew I could do well was dance. I didn’t even need a partner. I went there to DANCE. I could care less if I was the only person on the dance floor, or if I was packed in like cattle. It was release. I saw my husband to be across the dance floor and was drawn to him like a magnet. He wore three piece suits and damn could he dance. He would clear the floor around him. I hadn’t met anyone outside a dance studio or ballroom that could move like that and I was instantly attracted. One night my best friend and her boyfriend were asking me who I was attracted to, I hadn’t had many successful dates and they wanted essentially to “get me laid”. I will never forget when I pointed him out. Attracting men was never a problem for me, it was keeping them interested after learning I had 2 small children and lived at home with my mother that was the issue. So I pointed him out and they laughed. He was about 5’4 and Korean.  Not my usual pick. But being the dutiful friend that she was she went up to him and told him I wanted to meet him. We spent the next 4 hours dancing our asses off, clearing the space around us, getting applause and pats on the back. I was in heaven. It was better than dancing for tips. He took me home that night. My best friend made him give her his license and car make and model in case I didn’t return.That was the first time I had ever done the one night stand thing. I felt wild. We were inseparable after that. We moved fast, way too fast. And within a year the Irish catholic adopted south Korean man from a wealthy family in New York proposed to the atheist divorced mother of two, in the home of his sister, after her twins christening in front of his entire family. It was a disaster.


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