Giovanni…part 2.

My relationship with Giovanni was probably and still is the healthiest relationship I have ever had. He is a good man. He was an excellent provider. He stepped in, when two others checked out to be a father and a role model. I will love him forever. Not only is he beautiful to look at, his soul is absolute perfection. He has this thick Spanish accent which is a source of entertainment for me. I have known him and adored him since that first meeting in Spring of 2002 at the club. He was supposed to be a one night stand. So after learning his name was Giovanni and me walking away like an idiot, we started talking. My girlfriend M dragged me back over to the bar. To be honest, I could barely understand him. It was loud. His accent was so thick, I thought at first he was Italian. He told me he was 24. That was ok, I was 28. We danced, we drank, we talked and we kissed. He was coming home with me. M and I shared our prospective houses. We were both single with two children and we made room for each other at each residence. We spent so much time together it only made sense that she had things at my place and visa versa. One this particular weekend her children were with her father and my children were with my mother. I was staying at M’s. I remember bringing Giovanni back to her place and having quite a good night with him. I remember the next morning having to be up pretty early to pick up my children from my mom’s and waking him up to leave. He wanted to grab breakfast. He lived in Port St. Lucie about 45 minutes away. He had given his brother his car because I apparently had agreed to take him home in the morning. There was NO way I could do that. I told him he would need to get a ride. He couldn’t reach his brother, it was too early, he would be sleeping. I remember M offering to give him a ride and being relieved. He asked me if I wanted his number as I was leaving, I answered No. He just looked at me funny. I didn’t want anything serious. I was coming off of marriage number 2. I left. M ended up driving him home and unbeknownst to me, asking him for his number. We would be going back to Club Safari in 2 weeks and wanted to surprise me by inviting him to show up and meet us there, which he did. We were inseparable after that. 


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