Valentine’s Day….but I don’t love you…yet!

When I tell you I did whatever I could think of to land that man. I did. I pulled out all the stops, played every game, performed every trick (sexual and otherwise). I found out his favorite food and would stock my refrigerator if I knew he was coming. I cooked like a mad woman. I was always tanning, whitening my teeth, growing my hair out, shaving and waxing in ridiculous increments. I would wake up earlier than him if he spent the night to pinch my cheeks, brush my teeth, comb my hair and spritz perfume. I remember one day going to Publix and getting a rotisserie chicken and vegetables, putting them in the oven and pretending that I had made the meal so he would think I could cook. I remember him looking at me and saying that it tasted exactly like a Publix chicken (at the time I had no idea he ate them on a daily basis) I lied and said it was their recipe, from their recipe cards. We had been dating and spending the night at each other’s place since April 2002, it was now Valentine’s day 2003. Valentine’s fell on a Friday that year and we were going to the club we met at, they were always doing some promotional thing for the holidays and we had agreed to go. I had picked out a sexy black dress and heels to wear with a red flower in my hair. I was going to stop and buy champagne and chocolate covered strawberries from Hoffman’s to have before we set out for the night. Giovanni was still at my house when I left for work. I had given him a key. I worked all day like normal, picked up the kids and took them to my grandparents so we could have our big night out. I flew back to the house to jump in the shower and get ready. He was going to come right from work. I threw the strawberries and champagne in the fridge, dropped everything in the laundry room and ran into the bathroom to shower. When I got out and went into my bedroom for the first time I was blown away. There were roses on the night stand and dresser. There were balloons with hearts on them attached to one of the arrangements and there was a bear with a card on my side of the bed. NOONE had ever done that for me before. It was so sweet. I jumped up and down in my towel, made punching motions with my hands and squealed like a schoolgirl. I jumped across the bed and snatched up the card. Gio and I had not said I love you yet. I was positive he was waiting for this,his grand romantic gesture. I opened the card slowly, savoring my moment. Happy Valentine’s Day pre-printed and there handwritten was what I had been waiting for….I don’t really love you yet, but this was all they had.  WHAT????  I read it again and again. Seriously??? I just stared at it. 


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