Anti-Valentine’s Day from then on out………

So after my first disastrous valentine’s day with Gio I decided I would no longer celebrate that day with him or anyone else for that matter. I knew that he cared for me and we were moving forward and that was enough for me. I had tried to do the traditional chocolate covered strawberries and champagne just out of sheer pressure from the day itself and he had done the same. Only instead of just going through the motions, he wanted to be clear where we stood….it was quite brave of him now that I think about it, he was trying to be nice and acknowledge that the day was supposed to be for couples and was acknowledging us as a couple, but the “L” word was not in play yet. It became a log running joke in our almost 10 years together. Every Valentine’s Day I would host a black and white party, guests had to attend wearing black & white, all the food was black & white, no hearts, flowers or boxes of chocolates. No cards were to be exchanged, no gifts, just us celebrating with our friends and family. It was a very successful event every year. We had married couples, new couples and singles all mingling together playing games, laughing and drinking the night away. That was always one of the great mature things about my relationship with him. We could always find humor in the situation and diffused each other effectively. We almost never argued. We could turn any negative experience into a reason to poke fun at each other or throw a party and name an event after it. We were able to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. We really only had a few defining moments in our relationship that changed us. The first was when I found out I was pregnant.


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