Stupid girl…letter to self.

You stupid, stupid girl. Why do you allow the words to penetrate your heart? Why do the walls come down? Why are you so quick to believe the lies? You stupid, stupid girl. Fairy tales don’t exist. Happy endings are paid for. Why are you so desperate to be loved? Why can’t you love yourself enough for it to be enough? Why are you so damaged, so broken? Why doesn’t it ever last? Why? why? why? Will you please listen to your brain!? Will you please listen to the people who love you even when you can’t love yourself, you stupid stupid girl!! Will you stop….just stop, please.


4 thoughts on “Stupid girl…letter to self.

  1. You are not broken, and your brain doesn’t have the answers, the clarity of your heart does. From my experience, it will last right when you decide that your worth it. You see the quality of the relationship is not in his hands, it’s in yours. When you connect to the “beautiful you”, then a man will see that you are worthy of love. You see as long as you see yourself as damaged and broken, then your subconscious will do everything in it’s power to make sure that That story comes true. “The Laws of Attraction”, be loving and you will draw to yourself experiences of the same.

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