if only my attorney accept beer….ahhh ethics….

quick break down:

On November 4th I was assaulted by a woman who hit me in the face with a beer bottle. I called 911, she was arrested, charged with felony battery and assault. I had 7 stitches and CT scan of my head and now have a permanent scar on my face. The state’s attorney pressed full charges and we are set to have a trial on March 20th, 2014. E was a witness for me/the prosecution. I had a hearing on 2/21/2014 because both myself and the state’s attorney felt she was in violation of her bond by being at a location that I was at and not leaving and even after the police were called and asked her to leave, she stayed. E was a witness to that event also and was suppose to make himself available to testify if needed at the hearing on 2/21/2014. Instead, as I was leaving my house to go to court to face the woman who assaulted me, I was served with a no contact order by E. E has been trying to get out of paying for any and all medical expenses stemming from the accident where he hit me with his truck. soooooo on the morning that I am already a wreck going to face my attacker and hoping that the justice system will finally DO something, I am served with a restraining order by my very recent ex boyfriend. The only witness on my behalf, besides the responding officers.

So I walked into the courtroom on Friday the 28th for the no contact order hearing doing my best impersonation of confident. Inside I was scared, stressed, anxious, hurt and disappointed. E decided in order to avoid the truth unraveling all around him for everyone to see, that a restraining order against me would be better. A good friend came with me for moral support. I was going to need it. I had all my evidence. All my screen shots, emails, text messages, statements notarized from the court, everything. I was simply going to go in, dispute the lies and walk out of there. E decided to show up with the defense attorney in the criminal case I have with the States Attorney’s office from the assault. E was a witness and still is for the prosecution. E failed to show up the Friday before at the criminal hearing for the violation of bond because he was busy being a coward and a liar.

So there I am, sitting there my mouth hitting the floor because the man that “loved” me, that hit me with his truck, that lied about going to jail, that lied to everyone around him, that was a WITNESS in a FELONY BATTERY case on my behalf just showed up with the DEFENSE attorney of the woman who assaulted me. Talk about conflict of interest, talk about intimidation, talk about code of ethics, talk about the lowest form of life on the planet. This man,E refuses to pay a DIME for my medical expenses after hitting me with his truck, which thankfully he admitted to doing in this particular hearing, but he suddenly has money for an attorney?????   He has the audacity to use the same attorney, a regular at his bar, the man who is defending the woman who assaulted me as his council???  WOW. what a scumbag. I wish I could find an attorney to accept beer as payment….

I decided to look up reviews on this particular attorney and was shocked (well not entirely) to see all the negative, disgusting behaviors he has been involved in…and then it hit me. They are all perfect for each other. It takes scum to represent scum….adios


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