TEAM CHRISTIE~~ I want shirts made

Lies are like riding the ocean waves. The trough is calm giving time to recover, time to process, time to feel. And then there’s the wave, the crest approaching, looming large, knowing that with the break comes the pain, the anvil dropping, the heart lurches, seized in the power of the moment and I hear the one last thing I didn’t think I’d hear. But it’s not the last thing, it comes again with the next wave, mounting a full force attack on everything I knew, or thought I knew. It leaves me disoriented, confused, without direction. I’m pulled out with the tide into vast emptiness, salty tears not making an ounce of difference in the sea around me.  Believing the lies is worse. I feel naked, exposed and honestly just plain stupid. 

But… I’m a Florida girl, I’ve been riding waves like him since I was little. I learned to swim almost before I could walk. I’ve got strong arms and can carry the weight of his lies like a champ and my head will ALWAYS be above water. I will ALWAYS get back up. I will ALWAYS win. My family didn’t raise a failure like yours did. My family raised a fighter. You would NEVER catch a woman like me running out the back door hiding from my responsibilities. You showed your hand and it’s weak. Just like you are weak. Just like the people you surround yourself with. 

I’ve got time. I’ve got patience. I’ve got family. I’ve got friends. and above all….I have ME.Image

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