I am still with purpose…

Something inside me has awakened. I feel now more than ever a pull to discover my purpose. This feeling has been brewing for quite some time and as I get closer to accepting it, the calmer I become. I am still with purpose. Still. Still in my mind. Still. Fearless of the future. I have always done the practical thing. I pursued a practical career in a practical field. I drive a practical car, live in a practical house. I’ve taken practical vacations, (all local in my state that I could afford, weekend get-a-ways and 1 actual vacation in the last 15 years.) I am tired of practical.

I have triumphed over every single adversity I have ever faced…I can do this. I can go fearlessly into the unknown and embrace whatever the other side has to offer. My whole life has prepared me for this. This take off, this step from the comfort of my chaos and practicality. I am tired of looking at the world through someone else’s eyes and seeing what other people see. I want to see it for myself. I want to live it. I want to be it.  I want to discover my own wonders of the world and fill my purpose, whatever that may be. I want to travel with only the burden of the backpack on my back and just…be….free.

I am still with purpose.


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