Something I have never been found of. Something quite frankly that I am not good at. Something I do not practice with any regularity….until now. Now I find myself placing all my faith in patience. In all things, good and bad. Like a new found religion. It has replaced eagerness, pride, anger & disappointment. It’s a state of being that requires discipline. I am practicing patience for the very first time in my life and I am finding the rewards far out way the agonizing pace of karma. I am patiently waiting for justice to be served to those who deserve it. This has freed up my time exponentially. I barely give thought to certain individuals except during moments like this when it strikes me that I am on to a new way of thinking, or an emotion triggered by a memory that passes through on it’s way back to the rolodex that is my mind. My days are filled with love and joy and happiness. My mind is free from clutter and destructive thoughts. I am free to focus on the things that fulfill my life and that is exactly what I have been doing, spreading my time between family and friends, work and play. My purpose in this world, is exactly what I have fought and challenged since the very beginning of my conscious thought. My purpose is to be whatever I am needed to be. To give freely of my time, my friendship, my labor and my love in whatever capacity I can. I have stopped fighting this or viewing this as a negative thing and just accepted that it is MY thing. It’s what I do. I am ok with this. I am no longer searching. I no longer expect to find my great love, or a final destination. I am content with the journey. I am practicing patience…in all things,  good and bad and I am happy.

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