Just dance~

There is this place that I keep so private and secluded that very few people know it exists. It’s buried deep under the protective layers of skin and bone. It is the place where for brief moments in time, joy meets my soul. Those moments don’t come quite nearly as often as they used to. But when they do, it is magical. In those moments, in my living room I am transformed. It’s in those moments that I forget my limitations and my feet leave the ground and I am soaring over vast oceans and dancing on treetops or sliding down glaciers. Where all my emotion, everything that is too painful to confront head on is left in a puddle of sweat on the ground beneath me. Breathless. It is when I dance. I gave up dancing for audiences long ago. Now I simply dance for me. Oh occasionally an opportunity comes along for me to participate or choreograph or collaborate on a project and I am grateful that anyone would be interested to work with me or dance with me, but these days I just dance to dance, to be briefly, sweetly free.


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