Let’s get real… you and I, shall we?

Fuck it. Let’s get brutally honest. Let me tell you what I want. Period.

I want a man that looks at me like he could burn a hole right through my heart with his desire for me.

I want chemistry that is palpable not just to each other, not just to the room, but that could register on the Richter scale.

I want someone who’s night is not complete, who’s eyes refuse to close without telling me goodnight and that they love me.

I want to be sought after even though I can be found easily by your side.

I want to be fought for even when I have no intention of going anywhere.

I want you to think that I am the reason you were put here and that the very ease of your breath comes when I am near.

I want to silence all the doubts in your mind.

I want you to look at me like I am the only woman in a room full of super-models.

I want you to crave my fingertips on your skin.

I want you to get lost in my words and unlock my mind.

I want to be Shakespeare’s next story.

I want to be Van Gogh’s next painting.

I want to be the lyrics of your song.

I am the stuff of stars and you are the stuff of stars and together we are the next great constellation.

I do not want a mediocre love.

I want it all….the butterflies, the chemistry…

I want to drown in love.

4 thoughts on “Let’s get real… you and I, shall we?

  1. Read this one at Elephant Journal, and your “who’s eyes refuse to close…” made me post a poem of mine I was mulling over… I thought you might like it. Cheers 🙂 Nick

    I Refuse to Close the Eyes

    I refuse to close the eyes tonight
    I will admire and adore you the whole night
    I’d rather live half of this life, yet mindful and awake
    with your beauteousness dancing in my eyes…
    I don’t want to miss the inflorescence
    of your humble elegance one more night.

    I refuse to close the eyes tonight
    I’ve slept enough in my over thirty years of worldly life
    zillions of minutes, thousands of oblivious nights
    dreams of love, following the fragrance of your heart
    searching for the one chosen blossom
    to be forever taken in the garden of love.

    I refuse to close the eyes tonight
    morning is too far from now
    who knows I’ll wakeup at sunrise…?
    I’d rather watch and listen how each of your breath
    is a sunrise and sunset in itself
    and your move from one side to one side…
    and your hand consciously reaching for my heart
    is a complete moon cycle in the lucent floral sky.

    I refuse to close the eyes tonight
    I will dance your dreams
    we will perform the perfect lift
    I will whisper round your ankles
    the secrets of the mesmerizing pirouettes
    my eyes will kiss your lips ceaselessly
    singing tales form the land of tinker bells and bees…

    I refuse to blink the eyes…
    If I added up all the split instances when I blinked my eyes
    that would amount to an eternity worth of your beauty and love
    and I don’t care if the eyeballs dry out
    because your angelic face will be forever imprinted on the cornea and the retina
    and the visual cortex will process one image, One Love
    I’ll see you forever in my blind eyes.

    I’m learning to sleep with open eyes, My Love
    and I will teach all brave men of this ego-world
    how to sleep aware and in love, and cherish in the same time
    their beloved fiancés and wives during the night
    I will save mankind half a life worth of genuine love.

    I refuse to close the eyes tonight
    But don’t you worry, close and relax your eyes
    they need to rest and be pure tomorrow at first light
    like placenta and virgin flowers in springtime
    the universe will have to renew itself in them
    giving birth to new celestial realms.

    When I reflect in your eyes and I breathe in your heart
    I remember home…I remember my mission on the planet Earth…
    You are the Spirit Flower Queen in My Garden of Love.

    But when I do close the eyes…
    You are there…in every spark of light…
    At least tonight…I refuse to close the eyes.


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