The “why?” of Beauty


Why can’t the people around me see themselves the way I see them? Why can’t my best friend see that she has the kindest eyes I have ever seen and the juiciest lips? Why can’t my boyfriend understand that I am absolutely in love with his body exactly as it is? That I don’t care if he doesn’t have washboard abs? Why can’t my mother see that her physical beauty is greater than her uneven breasts that she has left over from cancer? Why is my co-worker obsessed with 5lbs of weight gain or weight loss? Why does her sense of value come from the number on the scale?

Why am I so mean to myself? Why do I stare in the mirror and find every flaw, every wrinkle, every dimple, every area of loose 40-year old skin? Why can’t I see myself the way they see me?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see ourselves not with our own eyes every morning, but by the way that people who love us see us?

Can you imagine if you looked in the mirror everyday and had an internal dialogue with yourself that consisted of the words of your friends, children, family, or loved ones? Can you imagine being as kind to yourself as you are to them? Why is our own inner dialogue filled with so much doubt and negativity?


I am going to change your inner dialogue…yes, you read that right. I am going to change the way you talk to yourself. I am going to change the way you see yourself. Even if it’s only ONE of you reading this. I am going to make it my mission to make sure that YOU, whoever YOU are reading this, looks at every single person you’ve ever known, including and most importantly yourself in an entirely new light.

I am working on a project that I promise will change at least ONE person and I hope it spreads like wildfire….we deserve to see ourselves the way we see each other, with kindness, forgiveness, appreciation and beauty.

Stay tuned….this is a work in progress.

*** If you would like to participate in this project I am asking for photographic submissions. I ask that you submit a photo of yourself at a time when you felt beautiful and a photo of something that you find beauty in. There is NO right or wrong submission, it is unique and personal to each individual. I will not publish any photos without written consent and please include a brief description of your photographs. I am looking for all ages, races, religions, etc. Please submit to***

3 thoughts on “The “why?” of Beauty

  1. Hey! I absolutely LOVE this! I could even feel the tears start to form while reading the first paragraph! Ahh! Anyway, I just started my blog, and I have a similar mission! I really want people to find their inner beauty. My first post was actually all about how it’s okay to not be the stereotypical definition of “beautiful”! You should check it out. I think you might like it! I’m definitely going to follow your journey and if I have time, I may submit a photo! Much love!

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