Remember me~ I’ve had a life…

Remember me.

I’ve had a life of stones and bruises,

Of curses and uses

Of fable and woe

I’ve had a life of tribulations and rejection

Of fabrication and deflation

Of strife and realization

I’ve had a life that has shaken me to my core

That’s left me lying in tear puddles on the floor

That has left me screaming “no more”

But that’s not what I want to be remembered for.

Remember me for my laughter

My unabashed banter

My off key cantor

Remember me for the tears I shed with you

and the nights I lie awake with you

and my crooked front tooth smile

My genuine guile

Remember me for the things I left unsaid

for the times I held your head

for the exquisite tales I thread

Remember me for the light that emerged from darkness

the ember from the ashes

the happy from the sadness

Remember me with kindness

all past transgressions behind us.

Remember me.

Photo credit: Jason D. Page

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