I’m spinning in circles in my living room. I’m wearing my loudest yoga pants and combat boots. My hair is piled loosely on my head. I’m laughing as I push the furniture out of the way so I can hula hoop with my friends. We spent our evening eating sushi, pizza, salad, hummus, cheesecake. We’ve spent the evening drinking wine, vodka and fireball. We’ve talked sex, love, intimacy, marriage, divorce, relationships, hall passes and even pets.

I’m spinning and spinning and smiling and thinking how lucky I am to find people who are laughing and spinning with me. WITH me. THESE are my people. This is my tribe.

These people are slaying dragons as I cower in the castle. These people don’t care how loud and crazy I am. They’ve accepted my crazy, all of it.

I can just be. I can breathe. I don’t have to put on airs. I don’t have to be on my “best” behavior. This IS my best behavior. They’re getting the best of me. There is an energy that just keeps expanding. The best of them is here too.

I spend hours upon hours talking to them daily and I can’t get enough. I want to know everything, every story, every heartache, every triumph. I want them to know I accept them too. All of them, the bare bones stripped away version of them, not the pretty, neatly packaged version.

I fall in love with them everyday. Every single day. I don’t worry that I am too much or that my mind is too scary or dark for them. I don’t worry about my mix matched outfits, my scars or my imperfections because I KNOW they don’t see them. I know with 100% certainty that I am imperfectly perfect to them, as they are to me.

We are a reflection of one another. United in our human experience. No competition, no jealousy, no agendas, just simply here to support, encourage and love one another. The cook, the cleaner, the entertainer, the bartender, the builder, the fixer, the listener, the teacher, the lover…each of us willing to take on whatever role is needed in any way that will sustain this magic.

My restless soul has touched on something real and honest.

I have found my imperfectly perfect tribe. And they have found me.

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