Somewhere along the way~ excerpt from: She Was The Stuff Of stars

She awoke to find herself nestled within the sea grapes as she did every night just before the moon rose and although she loved this place she couldn’t help but feel drawn to something bigger. She would often gaze at the stars above and long for the time when she could dance among them.

On this evening the call was so great that the sand that once felt like powder beneath her feet began to feel like quicksand. She knew she had to break free from this familiarity. The mundane was suffocating her. She was made for greater things.

She set about her nightly ritual tending to the creatures of the sea.  These tasks felt like chains around her ankles and she knew, looking above her… she could be so much more.

This couldn’t be the life that was written for her. She stood at the ocean’s edge wishing upon the very stars she hoped to be. It was then that a tiny flicker of light, something that seemed to emerge from deep within her, began to burn. It became so bright, almost feverish that she could no longer ignore it. She knew that she had to make a change and follow her heart song to the world above. She had to become what she knew she was meant to be.

Her mind set, she look one last look around at the landscape that had become so familiar to her. She saw the beauty in the tropical terrain, the way the light shown across the water and she believed for the first time that she was meant to blaze a trail of light so great that the heaven’s themselves would rejoice. She was ready to take that leap of faith.

With the light from within guiding her way, she reached out to the stars above with all her might, extending her hands as far as they would reach. And the night sky came alive with the shimmering of a million diamonds illuminating the way. And the radiance from within her merged seamlessly with the galaxy’s above, elevating her so her feet no longer touched the shore. This was the life she was writing. This was what she had been preparing for.

She was the stuff of stars.

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