Excerpt: She Was The Stuff of Stars ~ Learn

And all was right in the world. Watching his tiny hand gripping her index finger, she couldn’t think of a single thing she needed or wanted for in this moment. He was a young one. So young that he smelled of possibility and promise. He had not been stripped of his spirit. The world had not taken anything from him. He was endless and boundless and new. Her heart broke for an instant knowing this would not last but she decide to revel in it while she could and absorb as much of this clarity as possible.

She looked at his perfectly formed frame and wondered how and why. He was truly what people referred to as a miracle. She wondered if he felt it too, this tiny human with all the gifts of youthful optimism. She closed her eyes and breathed him in. This would be her second favorite smell, next to the ocean from where she felt she came.

She wondered at what point he would let the bitter disappointments of the world he was born into fill him. She wondered if his heart would remain resilient or if he too would turn cold like the older ones she had encountered. All that mattered though right now in this moment was this.. he, this youngest of young ones. This was a  he that was unlike all others before him. This he was hers.

She wasn’t even quite sure how he came to be. But the moment she knew he was with her, she felt that all things before would be wiped clean and all things after held the promise of hope. She hoped to guide this one with her whole heart. She did not want to protect him from the world but wished to expose him to the world so he could change it with his very presence.

She stared into his ocean colored eyes and knew they were forever connected. That her love for him would transform both herself and the world around her. She knew her place among the stars was secure and that in this galaxy and beyond she would be remembered. And all was right in the world. He taught her that her gift was to be unconditional, unwavering love.

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