Oh my wild, wild heart~

Oh my wild, wild heart…I love the chances you take.

I love that even though we’ve been kicked around, beaten down, left for ware, emptied then filled with despair you rise again. Every beat a defiant little fist determined to treat each and every experience like it’s the first time.

My little heart you are so valiant in your efforts, never building castle walls only standing there, sword drawn ready to battle the doubts that creep in so that we can love completely, every. single. time.

My brave, brave heart. I love that we see with fresh eyes everyone we encounter so as not to brace ourselves for what hasn’t happened,

My excited, optimistic heart I love how you leap for joy and your pace quickens with possibility at each rendezvous. Never slowed with ambiguity.

My wild wild heart, where would I be without you? How rich my life has become because of you, how deeply I have learned to connect to everything and everyone around me.

My brave, wild, valiant heart…keep beating to our own little drum until we find the melody to our verse. It will come.

2 thoughts on “Oh my wild, wild heart~

  1. “we see with fresh eyes everyone we encounter so as not to brace ourselves for what hasn’t happened” – That truly IS a brave heart. I have not yet mastered this in its entirety yet. I start OFF with fresh eyes. But the moment I see a piece of dust approaching, I start to remember that huge sandstorm from the last encounter

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