open the vein~ haute couture

Your lies wrapped around me like a beautiful couture masterpiece. Custom designed to fit my exact dimensions

and oh did I buy it…

right off the rack, didn’t even try it on for size. I would have done whatever it took to make it fit.

I was to wear this deceit like silk, letting it spill over my body in a way that made me feel decadent and dangerous.

The sensuality of it caressing my senses, numbing me to reality.

Because reality felt like burlap, coarse and rough, biting and unavoidable.

This lie was so light I barely knew it was there, it hung like spaghetti straps…weightless until it drowned me.

Your lies fell like silk ribbons, sweeping gentle…soundless over my pale face

settling gentle and effortless, sending silver ladders of spuriousness into the shallow pools of my eyelids,

kissed there softly to seal intent.

You watched me drink it in until I was dizzy with misconception.

and I strutted that delusion graceful down your catwalk.

One thought on “open the vein~ haute couture

  1. I love this one. Which I’m sure you will hear frequently from me as I look through your work. How familiar, is this theme to me. One of adopting, wearing, and morphing into someone else’s reality until I no longer have any clothes of my own left hanging from my body. My new mantra is, “Stay original and stay authentic no matter what. Find similarities without loss of self.”

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