Better me

I stopped asking “why me?”

I stopped stating that life was unfair.

I stopped thinking that my luck couldn’t get any worse.

I stopped looking at myself as a walking magnet for all things unjust and started saying… “better me”.

Better me to deal with the darker things that life seemed to direct my way.

Better me to handle these demons, I’ve been battling monsters my whole life.

I learned to navigate through chaos and obscurity.

I learned to thrive with nothing.

I learned to roll with the punches and build castles from the stones that were thrown.

Better me to carry the weight of these burdens than someone else who may stumble and falter.

Who better to slay dragons than a girl who learned to be a warrior so early on?

I no longer allow the thought “why me?” to creep into my consciousness…

Now I simply say “Who better than me?” ….because I’ve got this.

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