You couldn’t get any deeper babe if you tried. The intensity of your gaze held me there and while normally I’d bite my lips and close my eyes to keep from crying out, I was trapped exquisitely beneath you. My hands struggling to pull you in closer, deeper. My body desperate to consume the last bits of you until we were one flesh, one breath,

I reveled in the weight of you, the masculinity of you, the scent of you. I inhaled deep rich tones of confidence and vulnerability, power and surrender.

And I watched that slow, wide grin spread across your face and saw your thoughts processing like the lightening we watched in the clouds…I knew we wouldn’t need words….you couldn’t get any deeper babe, beneath my skin, a fixture in my blood. You’ve crawled into that place in my mind…where my best memories reside.

And although I should have been content to let you in and live within that moment, something happened there beneath your stare. I started to dread losing you. I started to let fear replace pleasure. I started to miss and ache for you when you hadn’t even left my body.

You couldn’t get any deeper babe, if you tried.

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