10 things NOT to do at your office holiday party

  1. Get embarrassingly drunk~ yea it says “open bar” but how open do you want to get with co-workers you probably can’t stand sober anyway?
  2. Talk too much about your personal life~ It’s nice to be outside the confines of office structured small talk, but do these people really care about what you did on your annual family vacation? Or how your boyfriend dumped you via text?
  3. Discuss politics~ alcohol and discussions of politics do not mix, this is not the time to discuss your right wing, left wing or up the middle view points.
  4. Make out with your hot co-worker~ unless you want to be labeled as “that-girl” save the spit exchange for another time, preferably never with a co-worker especially if your office has policies against such things.
  5. Make out with your boss~ unless you want to be known as “the girl who slept her way…” you can fill in the blank.
  6. Wear overly provocative attire~ yes it’s the holidays, yes you can dress up but maybe save the plunging neckline or ass-less gown for another night out with friends, it may be trendy but it’ll get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.
  7. Don’t pregame. Even if there isn’t an open bar, pre-gaming can make you sloppy, erratic and the subject of whispers and glares.
  8. Make copies of your face, breasts or derriere on the office copier~ It may start off as funny but not so much when you’re slapped with a bill for breaking the company equipment.
  9. Gossip about other employees~ that’s just crass and makes you look petty. Don’t do it….just don’t, you never know who knows who….just don’t.
  10. and finally…Don’t use the company party as your soapbox. If you have issues with your company or any of it’s employees this is not the time or the place to discuss. Just have a good time, unwind and schedule a visit with HR if it’s something you just can’t hold in anymore.

Written by: Christie Page

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