I crave you in such a specific way. It’s the way your eyes cloud over when you are going to “our” place. The place we unlocked together with our intimacy. The place you felt safe exploring your sexual limits and I felt safe opening my desires up to you.

I crave the sound of your voice commanding me with quite subtle tones. I could drink in your lips, your tongue, your mouth on mine whispering the things you want me to do.
I crave your fingertips on my skin. ..when you purposefully avoid touching me, using only the toys of our craft…I ache for you in all the places only you can reach.
And when you look into my eyes, when you are buried as deep into me as my body will allow yet you push further, harder, owning what has been given so willingly…I feel utterly complete and at peace.
It was I… that hoped to silence your mind, but lover that is what you have done for me…allowing me a reprieve from my troubled thoughts and worrisome doubts.
You didn’t just dominate my body, you took control over the noise of my mind and I can’t just stop needing that…or wanting that.
My submission to you was total.

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