Let him go.

He does not belong to you. If he wanted you to hold a special place for him in your heart he would move the heavens to make it so.

You can’t help what he did in the past, how he made you feel like a beautiful piece of his mosaic heart. You can’t change the promises spoken into late night phone calls. You can’t undo the mark he left on your soul by giving you all of the things you ever wanted…time, attention, affection and companionship.

Just like you can’t change that he took it all away in an instant. He let go of your heart strings…you need to let go too.

There is nothing tethering you together anymore. All the images exchanged with invisible words and pictures of a relationship you thought you had are just that…images, nothing more, nothing less.

The things that once held meaning, mean nothing. They are just empty reminders of a time that has past and you can’t allow your heart to live there anymore.

Those smiles in your pictures, they’re just moments captured in a single flash and gone just as quickly.

Let him go. Let it all go. Your heart still beats. There’s passion in your veins. This life is yours to conquer. You’ve been existing. It’s time to live.

Let him go. If he wanted to be, he would be. You can’t lose what is not yours to posses.

Let go.

Stop revisiting what is no longer there.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go with grace.



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