She had to die this day. It was the only way she knew to stop the agony in her heart. It was the only way to shut the doors that rattled and clamored in her noisy mind. She couldn’t reconcile the things that kept happening to her any longer, the senseless acts of cruelty.

She had to die this day because her mind stretched and bent around the truth of her existence and although she wanted desperately to deny it, it was inevitable…she would always be alone.


And human beings just weren’t designed to be alone. They seek out companionship, they need love. It’s basic psychology. And her mind finally starved without it.

She lived on the reserves of hope for so long, that when it finally came to an end she was relieved. Relieved that she no longer had to pretend. Her smile, her laughter, her voice…would finally rest it’s façade.

She had to die this day in order to be reborn something else entirely.

Even as she sat surrounded by her accomplishments, she was in pain. It washed over her, cascading over her like baptism.


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