strength in the gentle souls

I spent my evening in the company of great strength, curled up tight in a wicker chair enjoying the warm breeze of Florida air. I sat with tears in my eyes and a tightness in my chest explaining away the pain of the last few days. I was so moved by the reprieve I was offered in the form of companionship and commonality that I began to relax and even find my laughter again.

I saw magic.

I saw tenacity.

I saw tenderness.

For me true power lies in being vulnerable, in admitting to the human experience, in acknowledging that we are all imperfect beings all trying to navigate our way through this life for a better, broader existence.

I was in the company of great spirits last night. Spirits who lifted me from a moment, who didn’t allow me to think anything less of myself than what I truly am.

I am magnificent even when I fall from grace, even when I falter, even when I fail. There is no one else like me on this planet. I am an original and my spirit was built for connecting. I have survived and more than that I have thrived.

I have often marveled at the human body and it’s biological function, but what I am most enamored with is it’s soul and how each and every one of us is a treasure, an exclusive addition to the human race.

I sat in the company of great souls last night and they lit up my night with the light from their hearts.

And in that moment, I needed them to light my way.

Thank you~

The Fuckery.



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