***I have never met this person in real life before but had planned our first date for a week from Sunday***

The following is a message I received after politely declining an invitation to meet up for drinks because I had already made plans with friends. While out with those friends my phone died and I was unable to respond to any messages. When my phone finally had enough charge to turn on I received approx 27 messages each getting  progressively aggressive from this person that I previously told I could NOT commit to a date on this day.

I expressed my concern with his barrage of messages and their content, wished him the best and said I did not feel we would be compatible, the following is the response I received.



5 thoughts on “A TINDER LOVE STORY

  1. lmao @ “oh lol” HILARIOUS! I know it didn’t seem funny at the moment but when you look back, it makes you think “I’m not so crazy afterall – I’m not THIS guy” haha. That’s how I feel when I read crazy messages from people.

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