Give me strength~

I need it.

I’m asking for it.

I am extending myself and saying to you, to the world, to the universe…I need strength.

I am taking positive steps. I am taking care of my body. I am pumping it full of organic nutrients and have decided to go back to being a vegetarian after a long hiatus. I am practicing yoga and exercising regularly. I am taking supplements, because my body needs them despite my diet and because I am still on the waiting list at the Norman Center in Tampa for yet another surgery. It will be my 21st surgery to date.

I am immersing myself in literature and working on my own creative projects as well as collaborating with some amazingly talented artists.

But my mind…will NOT stop. It will not let go. And will each breath, I tell myself to do so. I will my mind to be free and I am blocked.

I am not sure what this all means. Fear?

I am asking for strength in any form I can get it so I can finally live in the moment and not be bogged down with my past or concerns about my future.

I need strength.

I need to let go.

I need help today to get out of my mind…

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