When your idol dies~

It is almost impossible to put into words what it means to hear the news of Prince’s death today. I am at work with tears in my eyes and a sob chocked in my throat and all I really want to do is break down and cry.

Prince was so talented, diverse, innovative and genius all rolled into one imperfectly perfect being. His hits and classics are indisputable, but what I remember most vividly is the first time I saw the music video “Bat Dance”.

I was in my grandmother’s living room, sitting in her blue tall back chair which was parked right next to the TV on a bamboo stand. I had always been a dancer and was always enrolled in some dance class or another, but when I saw that video…that mix of funk and rock & roll AND dancing with theatre….I was completely enthralled.

He was doing everything I dreamed of. All the choreography that played out in my head when I listened to music was right there in front of me and I realized for the first time that the things I imagined could be a reality.

It was like watching a dream come true. He gave me the hope and the inspiration to continue to dance.

His music was the soundtrack to my childhood and early teens and continued to follow me through my dance and club days.

I remember when it actually was 1998 and we partied on New Year’s to the song 1999…it was THE anthem of the year and who better to ring it in to than the man himself, a true visionary.

And I won’t even get into the songs he wrote for others, like Nothing Compares 2 U…

My heart breaks today. There are few people who touch your soul and leave their indelible mark spanning multiple generations the way he did…

His performance at the 2007 Superbowl was probably the greatest of all time. I can think of NO other artist who could take a South Florida downpour and make it look like HE ordered it direct from the heavens as special effects and play and be as gracious as he was.

This hurt is felt all around the world today. RIP Prince.


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