Soft landings~

I jumped today without a parachute.

I decided to take all the risks and follow a dream, follow my heart and put to use all my gifts.

That is not to say I am not terrified, I am.

What will I become?

Will I end up destitute and homeless?

Will I leave my mark on this world and inspire someone?

The thoughts running wildly through my head are so jumbled there isn’t a coherent verse to put down.

I risked it all today.

I am leaving behind a career I have held for almost 20 years. I am setting my soul free from the corporate cage. I am going to nurture my soul and stop living a practical, passive life.

I am setting my heart free today.

I told the man I am madly in love with exactly how I feel and even if it is not reciprocated I will be the woman who took risks. I will not live with regret. I will be able to openly say that I opened every last bit of life left in me to the universe and trusted that I would sprout wings.

I am leaping off that fragile limb in an attempt to save myself, my sanity, my heart, my soul.

I am putting everything on the line, to gain what I want the most. Freedom. I want a free heart, a free soul.

I jumped today without a parachute, but I am not one for soft landings.


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