Just a few more moments…

Nights like the last one are what keep me here…in the literal sense.  Last night I sat with like minded souls at the ocean enjoying the longest day of the year waiting for a strawberry moon.

How many of you took time to do that?

How many of you realized that yesterday was the day that we all often wish for?

Just a few precious extra moments with the ones we love?

Yesterday was magic.

I still believe in magic, in hope, in love, in friendship, in forgiveness, in making messes of our lives and creating within those messes… absolute art.

My life is a work of art and it is what keeps me here…because I am not done creating yet, my canvas still has blank spaces that are just waiting for that next spatter of tears, smiles, heart break, joy and adventures.

I don’t have all the answers, hell I don’t have most of the answers, but what I do know is that if you allow for it…you can get those extra moments, they are in every single day.

Close your eyes, take in a deep breath of whatever air you have, let it fill your lungs and hold it still within your chest, listen for your heart’s beat and be thankful for where ever you are at, because you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

It may not always feel like it and trust me when I tell you my struggles sometimes paralyze me and there are many, many moments that I don’t even want to face the day and the struggles or heartache it may bring…but then moments like last night happen, surrounded by people who are also waiting for magic to appear on the horizon and looking with fresh eyes at this gift laid out before us.

And my demons are still present. They began a slow waltz of deliberate steps, reach for my hand and I realize that I have the choice to show up each and every day for my life…and that on this day, my dance card is full…I can sit out this dance of madness, of self doubt, of despair and sit quietly, calmly acknowledging that I put myself in the way of greatness and she held me in her moonlit kiss.





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