My, my, my. Men

I am always, always, always in a state of self awareness and analysis. My brain almost never shuts off…it gets quieter when I am driving or when I am at the ocean but for the most part it is a non-stop 24/7 machine and no I am not talking about my biological functioning heart, muscles, neurons and what not. I am talking thought process.

So I was driving to meet a very dear friend for lunch and it occurred to me that I should be a little more jaded or bitter than I actually am towards men. I wondered why my outer and inner shell hadn’t hardened to this species…and then I thought about the man I was meeting for lunch…and what a great example of his gender he truly was and it hit me.

For all my shitty experiences and all my relationship fails and for the select few that lied or cheated or were just not a fit for me…I had a plethora of amazing men in my life. Men who were the epitome of masculine, respectful, loving, tender, defenders and providers. I know men who have full custody of their children and men who gladly go above and beyond “child support” requirements. I know men who are brilliant fathers and wonderful husbands. I know men who make excellent partners, steadfast friends and all around good souls.

And that is why I am not jaded or bitter.

I love these men. They give me hope that I will be blessed with someone as amazing as them.

Of course there are some real losers out there, but the men I have surrounded myself are fantastic…and I truly have appreciation for each and every one of them.

So if you are a man in my life..I thank you. I appreciate you. I recognize you. And I love you!!  ❤

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