What’s your story?

The truth about goodbye is that it never really is goodbye. It’s not as though your mind were an etch a sketch and the moment that something doesn’t work out you can simply shake it off and never revisit your memories again. How lovely that would be?

But ask yourself, would you want to erase those memories? Those little clips that serve to remind you of where you’ve been, what you’ve done and more importantly what you’ve learned?

Isn’t that our check and balance system for life? The proverbial compass to keep you headed in the right direction. Always pointing due…due where?

Are you headed in the right direction? and how do we know if the choices we make are leading us to our best possible path?

My path has continually lead my back to the Blue Door Café lately, to sit quietly among a cast of characters and I am dying to ask them what their individual stories are. I think perhaps it may be viewed as intrusive but I am slowly building up my courage to ask them.

They are always engaged in friendly, interesting banter although from time to time they get swept up in their cellphones, laptops or printed newspaper.

I’ve built characters around them in my head and even now as I type I am imaging what the rest of their days are like when they leave here and I often wonder if they are wondering what I am doing tapping away at my own keyboard, occasionally chiming in or sharing a laugh at one comment or another.

I’m not sure what drew me here, but I often do what I am compelled to do.  There are two conversations happening. One is about caffeine and finance and the other about cats diving under covers. And then there’s me and my mind bustling away, making habit of closing the open doors in my mind while enjoying the white noise of this little café.

I am dying to shout out “what’s your story?”

and I did.

and I wasn’t disappointed.



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