SEXUAL ASSUALT in the Military, An Open Letter to the United States Air Force. TRIGGER WARNING

Before I begin I would like to say that I love my country and I support our troops. I come from a military family. My grandparents, my father and my son were all enlisted service members and I have the utmost respect for their service and sacrifice. However what I am not okay with is the recent complicity that I have faced in my own recent sexual assault case against one of its United States Air Force members and what I, as a civilian have had to face dealing with this Goliath force.

I have cooperated fully with the entire legal process in the hopes that the justice system that we have in place would serve me and that I would have some measure of closure upon the conclusion of this trial. Sadly, my experience has been anything but just. So I am sharing my story in the hopes of sparking a conversation and of facilitating change so that victims like myself that have the fortitude to come forward so that others are not victimized will have some measure of decency, respect and justice.

Dear United States Air Force, specifically the legal department at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida,

I was disappointed to learn of your unwillingness to have a conversation with me, as the victim in the rape case against TSGT Keith Alan Snyder. As one of multiple victims in this case it was brought to my attention that he was scheduled for the preferral of charges on February 8, 2018, which happens to be tomorrow, so you might imagine I am a little raw right now.

I was told that he would not be charged with rape, but instead he would be subject to the charge of sexual assault with “divers” occasions. This is deeply disconcerting, especially because the facts of the case specifically support a charge of RAPE and I will outline this shortly. Since the onset of this crime I have been treated with the utmost disrespect by members of the USAF and it’s legal office. I have been 100% cooperative and have provided the USAF with every single thing that they have requested and done every single thing they have asked me to do, including making multiple trips to Patrick Air Force base often on very little notice to give statements, evidence and DNA. I subsequently lost my job in my pursuit of justice in this case. The perpetrator of this crime has violated his no-contact order on multiple occasions, allowing him to further victimize and torment his accusers with absolutely no repercussions.

This man, Keith Alan Snyder has access to an arsenal of weapons as well as continuously demonstrating a complete lack of regard for orders given directly from his Commanding Officer. I don’t have to tell you how terrifying it is to know that the only thing separating me and the other victim from this violent criminal is a piece of paper, an order that he has willfully disobeyed.

As you know there is an eight minute and forty nine second video confession that I made while still in the presence of my rapist, after the attack and during a period when he did not allow me to leave the premises. He admits on that video that he did in fact hear me screaming for him to stop. He admits to telling me to “stop fighting him” indicating that there was in fact a struggle. He acknowledges that he hurt me and that he is not denying the fact that he raped me.

The facts of this case are very clear and have not deviated one iota since my initial 911 call. I was brutally raped and sodomized by this man. He is 6 feet 6 inches tall, weighing approximately 250-260lbs. I am 5 feet tall and at the time weighed 140lbs.

This man pinned me down, pinned my legs behind my head, put all of his weight on my body making it impossible to move or BREATHE without extreme difficulty and then he penetrated me, ripping my insides apart with no regard for my pleas to stop and my attempts to fight him off. This caused me excruciating pain and left  me battered and bruised. He did this three times while in his presence, ALL 100% NON CONSENSUAL and with me fighting every step of the way.

Was that not BRUTAL enough for you? Was there not enough FORCE for you? Perhaps you’d like to have someone in your office volunteer to “take one for the team” and experience it yourselves so you can truly put a “quantification” on my fear, pain, humiliation, degradation and suffering? Perhaps you’ll volunteer your friends, daughters, sisters or mothers so that you can decide if I’m worthy enough of those check boxes?

How dare you take the “easy” way out and not argue the facts of the case AS THEY ARE and minimize the brutality that I faced at the hands of your brethren.

This man has a prior sexual misconduct on his record and a wife who passed away suddenly of an overdose and who just happened to file charges against him as well. You are dealing with a serial sex offender and predator that you continue to slap on the wrist and who continues to commit crimes while wearing your uniform.

Sadly I have expressed my concerns over and over again, including the violation of his no-contact order and my fear for my safety only to have you  dismiss me and refuse to take my calls or respond to my emails.

I have reached out to his chain of command Msgt Ryan Kruse only to be ignored. I have requested simple answers to basic questions only to be ignored. I had to fight for the representation that was promised to me by Laura Tasker (SARC, sexual assault response coordinator) when I originally reported my crime and was then told on January 25th, 2018 after very poor counsel by BUCHANAN, HOLLY L Capt  and YODER, MELANIE J TSgt who were assigned to me that I should be “grateful” for my representation because it was not something I was “entitled” too…As if being raped my a member of the armed forces was some privilege. I dismissed their service that very moment.

This man committed an unfathomable act of violence against me, but what you are doing is egregious. To treat a victim of such brutality as a nuisance and not have the respect to “entertain” a phone call so that I can understand WHY you would refuse to prosecute this crime as a RAPE is unforgiveable.

Rape and Sexual Assault should NOT have the ability to hide behind a uniform. Victims like myself who find the courage to come forward to help bring justice for the crimes committed against us should be treated with respect. It is hard enough to garner the emotional stamina to see charges like this through so that further victims aren’t left in the wake, but to have the legal system rape the rights of the victims of these crimes is utterly repulsive.

Please share my story, if you are so inclined. I need my voice to be heard.

The full account of my rape can be found here

Below is the link of first 44 seconds of the 8 minutes and 49 seconds of audio that was recorded moments after my attack. My WordPress account does not support video.

Christie Page

Transcript of the first 44 seconds, Tsgt Keith Alan Synder discussing my rape moments after it happened. NO means NO. STOP means STOP. These are NOT mixed signals or missed clues. These are the words of NON-CONSENT.


Christie “did you not hear me say stop a thousand times?”

Keith “Christie I already told you that I did

Christie “what did you hear? Did you hear me say stop?

Keith “didn’t I just tell you?”

Christie “Did you?”

Keith “didn’t I just tell you?”

Christie “no, did you hear me say stop?”

Keith “I fucking told you, I fucking told you already, I told you that. I told you. I already told you, we already went over this.”

Christie “So why didn’t you?”

Keith “I already told you”

Christie “why?”

Keith “we’ve already talked about this, already discussed it, already told you how I felt, what happened, what I did, I got carried away. Yes I heard you.”


Screenshot_20180209-083521 (1)


5 thoughts on “SEXUAL ASSUALT in the Military, An Open Letter to the United States Air Force. TRIGGER WARNING

  1. So sorry you had to endure this torture. I find this mentality so difficult to understand, just like I can’t understand any type of domestic violence or child abuse. I can only apologize for my gender. It seems many men have not gotten too far out of the cave . . .

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