I am the storm.

I only caught your eyes once. I had hoped to hold your gaze, to see something…something human behind that facade. For a moment, I thought maybe…but it was seconds, over too quick. Walking into that courtroom strengthened me. I felt my spine pull tall towards the ceiling, stacking like bricks and mortar and refused to give in to my tears.

I am determined. I will never break. Not Ever.

I am a shameless survivor and I’m not quite sure you realize how much power I have knowing that there is nothing you can say or do, no bag of tricks, no legal hocus pocus that will ever, ever cause me a moment of pause. I feel no shame, none.

My laundry has been airing out for quite some time and the beauty of living an honest, authentic life is that no matter who you may convince otherwise in the meantime, the truth will find the light.

The truth is between us. It lingers as we are forever connected now in the most grotesque way and although your criminal actions are what bind us, it is my love and forgiveness that will set me free.

I only caught your eyes once and it was enough for me to see that you have not an ounce of remorse, not an ounce of empathy, take not an ounce of responsibility for what you’ve done to me and it is with a sense of duty that I lead the charge of justice.

My day in court is fast approaching and I grow taller with each and every breath.

I am the mother fucking storm. I will not break. Not ever.

Not Ever.



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