More lies we tell ourselves

I’m struggling to write today, not because I have writer’s block, in fact its the opposite. I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to begin.

Today my rapist was given more paperwork, but this paperwork was different. This paperwork was the next step in setting a date for trial…Keith Alan Snyder of Patrick Air Force Base was charged with multiple accounts of rape/sexual assault with bodily injury against multiple women.

My story can be found here…

I wonder about the people who still support this man. I wonder how they can look him in the eyes or exchange pleasantries with a man who so brutally changed the lives of his victims. I wonder how they can allow their children, specifically their daughters around him. I fear for his own daughters, because I know him…the real him. I know what he’s capable of when that mask comes off and he’s not playing Captain America.

I suppose it’s easier to play the passive victim and those that offer their support and solace can then revel in the salacious tales of how they knew the serial rapist. How lucky they were that they were able to walk away unscathed. Pathetic.

I feel relieved. I feel so relieved that this man is going to have to face a day in court where he won’t have time to play on the heartstrings of a jury. He is a master at manipulation…he truly is. But manipulation takes time…you have to build a connection, present yourself as the hopes and dreams you know the other person seeks. You have to dismantle someone from the inside by discussing your fears and life’s disappointments and a jury just isn’t going to have time for that.

A jury is going to hear facts, see video evidence, view pictures of bruising and injuries, witness the DNA results matching his and they are going to unravel his attempts to conceal his crimes…a jury isn’t going to care about him OR me…and for that I am grateful. I am grateful every single second of every single day because the truth is there…waiting.

I have never felt more determined or more purpose filled than I do right now. I was not Keith’s first rape victim, but hopefully through the strength and courage I have found I will be his last.

I won’t be silent.

This is the face of a rapist. You’ve been warned.





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