Anniversary spoons~ a poem~

Oh wow, do i think about you often.

In the beginning you were there, always and not so subtly. i was the first to put you back on the walls. And then after some time you weren’t there at all, in fact you turned your back… i didn’t see you again for a while.

It was always ribbons of purple and blue and cherry blossoms and the ocean, walking behind him, never beside. He never looked back and i never put it all together, until after.

And now I see your face as clear as day, surrounded by love and light and I am finally out of my haze. It’s lifted after many years and many more tears. You’ve witnessed them all.

Your face wears of disappointment and how clever a turn OF the word. I almost wish i had a pipe, that’s how clever I feel.  (stretching)

I just cracked hollow bones to sprout wings made of honest flesh.

“We should fly high on the wings of justice then sparrow!”

your deceptive little grin, again.

“We should fly high indeed!”

This mistrust, distrust, entrust, thrust of ideas into my head about fountains of youth saying no no no in erup-trust. Trust this no?

No policy or fallacy just lay down and take it, right here on aisle 9 or is it 10 that the mice ate the rat and caused cat to coyly grin?

I can never remember except when I remember it all and for whom does the bell toll if not for us?

I said I couldn’t be with a man who didn’t understand the ramifications of the ultraviolet catastrophe,

red light, yellow light, green light go! or no go! but in this day and age better be sure before any goes…go go. It’s like that one time down in soflo…He didn’t stop when he heard no no, turns out she wasn’t the only one…a bogo? Crude, I know…so?

More upset about the joke made after a toke or about the crime committed by the man who stands under the umbrella of protection that those of us who aren’t serving, fund? Hedge much?

I digress, no memories to repress because his sin never leaves the surface of his skin, hers either but she’s the only one whose tried.

Tears are time. And to him her time is priceless.

Good thing she likes her meals served cold.

“Are you going to finish that?”

Hear me out…deconstruct reality for a while, is that a question, a voice i hear? or a vision of me waiting to answer?

“We shall see sparrow, we shall see, i’ve crossed every i and dotted every T, I’ve used whose, who’s and who is…could it possibly be?… when these dates roll around you will be reminded that we are forever connected. Unhappy Anniversary”








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