Dear Non-Americans, an open letter to immigrants illegal and otherwise…

I’m sorry.

I am sorry that you are seeking asylum in a country whose president doesn’t want you here, unless of course you’re Russian and planning on birthing your child in his resort in Miami. You see somewhere along the way people who were born in this country got the notion that simply being born here makes us geographically superior to every other country on our entire planet. And hey, don’t get me wrong, I am all for taking pride in ones country. I just don’t share the viewpoint that I am superior because of it.

By definition I am a white, upper-middle class, privileged female. And although the details of my particular situation are irrelevant, meaning my upbringing was one of struggle… (I’ve even been homeless with two children), I am still very, very fortunate.

We’re not all sociopaths. We’re not all immune from feeling empathy for the situations you are fleeing. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to flee my home country with my children and the uncertainty and fear I would face hoping to find a better life for myself and my kids.

You see what happens on our side of the globe and in this country in particular is we revere all the wrong things. We only value things that make our lives easier, better and more efficient and I don’t have to tell you how inefficient it is to have to take time out of our very busy, very important lives to listen to crying kids being detained in “tender care centers”

I wish I could be more empathetic but I have things to do, places to go, people to step over. I can’t stop what I’m doing to actually think about you and your family as human beings because well, you don’t look like me and I’ve been told you’re all rapists, murderers and gang members. 

I realize that I have no basis for that thought or any personal knowledge of that, but it’s there so I’m going to run with it.

It doesn’t even matter that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers who were given a court date showed up for it…one of you might not and that one person…could be…well who knows, but it could be bad.

It doesn’t even matter that an even larger, (like waaaayyy larger) percentage of American people who commit crimes on American soil don’t even show up for their court dates(the reason we have a bail bondsmen on every corner). They’re American. I want my crimes committed by Americans that are never held responsible, because ‘Merica.

On the outside it may appear like we have our national sh*t together, but the reality is we have a reality star for president. So if our country looks like an episode of Big Brother, Survivor or even the Real World rest assured, it is. We manufacture drama here at breakneck speed because it’s more important for us to stand on our soapbox of righteousness then it is for us to make sure our moral compass is pointing in the right direction.

I know you think coming here will solve all of your problems and I know that what you’re really looking for is a free handout from the American government (please also ignore the hyperlinks I’ve enclosed throughout this article which directly dispute that notion, I don’t want your brain getting all clogged with facts) and that you have no desire to obtain anything on your own. I am also well aware, because I’ve been told by the right-wing media that you’re coming here with nothing of value to add to my already greatest, great country on the planet. I mean I suppose we can make room for you to pick fruit, clean our hotels and do some landscaping but beyond that, what could you possibly have to offer my already fabulous country?

Oh that’s right…just the simple inventions that we use every single day…

but besides all that…

Why would I want to help you? Just because you face unspeakable violence, poverty and persecution? biiiiigg deal, can’t take a little heat?

We have our own problems to worry about in this country, we can’t waste time dealing with your problems.

Just because it makes me physically ill to think of the state of mind one would have to get to, to make a harrowing journey through unfamiliar countries with my children at my side in a last ditch effort to find solace and safety from the atrocities committed against me, doesn’t mean I have to care about you…

And just because I grew up in a world where I live in the greatest country on the planet with abundant resources and have never had to worry about bombs being dropped on my house in the middle of the night or soldiers entering my village and kidnapping my children to sell into sex slavery rings doesn’t mean I have to care about you…

And just because I am worried that if you come to my country seeking opportunity and you’re prepared to put in the work and do everything that you’re supposed to do legally, including but not limited to, obtaining legal citizenship or permanent residency and you abide by all the laws of our country and never make so much as a whisper in the wrong direction doesn’t mean I’m not going to lump you in with terrorist organizations or gang activity because…well…it’s only a matter of time….helllooooo sleeper cells!

What I am trying to say is that no matter how you get here or what you’re fleeing from, this land of freedom and opportunity, yea that’s mine…

I can’t care about you, your children, your family or your country because if I express empathy, compassion, understanding and a willingness to help in my limited capacity well that would make me a snowflake, a libtard, a democrat, a liberal, insert any other derogatory term for human here…

But if you wait a few hundred years our Space Force may colonize the moon and we’ll all leave mother earth and you can have the planet…seems like a fair trade, until then…

ehhh, I was gonna say “keep your head up”  but you might want to duck instead, bombs and gunfire and all…

Best of luck to you,

Just another Snowflake.




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