I don’t know where to begin…

You know that feeling you got when you read the title and saw that there was something new here for you to pour over? That little skip in your heart’s rhythm? That impatience as you waited for this post to load?

You know that feeling?

So do I. All too well.

There are things I know. Things I wish I didn’t know. Things I wish I could un-know.

You’re one of those things.

As sure as I am sitting here, we both know.

Forever connected and infinitely separate.

Now a new beating heart will know the consequence of your existence, of his or her existence and my heart breaks. The careless nature of your ways has created something monumental and your perfect little life is built on the tears that lay in your wake. You never end something without first beginning something else or many something else’s.

It’s your way. You don’t know any other.

To have every single thing validated and confirmed… to hear it with my own ears and see it with my own eyes from those you deem loyal makes me realize the damage you’ve caused to those closest to you.

There is dissension  among the ranks, they’re looking for a new leader… seeking truth and finding it.

When the sheep hunt the wolf you know things have gone from bad to worse.

I didn’t think things could get much worse, but then again I also believed other things about you too…

We are forever connected. I knew you. I still know you.

I see you.

You can put an end to this.

You’re capable of doing the right thing, only you’ll never take the opportunity to do so…

lucky for the world, there’s ME and oh how you hate it…that there’s still me… 

I’m sharpening my teeth on the slow hands of justice.


I never start anything new without ending something else first. That’s my way.

I’m finishing this.

I understand congratulations are in order.

Although I’m not sure that’s what you’re feeling right now.


I know that feeling all too well too…

feels like you’re suffocating, like you’ve lost control, like someone else is suddenly responsible for the course change your life is taking…

Yes, there are I things I know. Things I wish I didn’t know and things I knew well before you did.



Give us a “like”  let me know you were here. I already know. I’ve always known.






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