A helpful guide if you’re dating my rapist…

Oh man, I was you once too…enamored, charmed, smitten. He was a witty, intelligent, thoughtful, statuesque demi-god who came into my life like a breath of fresh air and I thought I had found the man of my dreams. To be clear I am speaking about TSGT Keith Alan Snyder of Patrick Air Force Base who is currently charged with 6 counts of sexual assault with bodily injury and rape charges, a DUI now and most likely Conduct Unbecoming here shortly…

That lasted for a few months. We went on dates, got drunk, had amazing sex, laughed into the wee hours of the morning, cooked meals together, played with the girls and the dog…we did all the things normal, budding romantic couples together do. I met his friends and he met mine and we spent holidays together. It was pretty freaking awesome…until it wasn’t so I thought I would give you some helpful advice so you can enjoy and maximize your time together before he goes off to prison, you know that pesky trial coming up and all…

So first things first, Keith isn’t really well liked in the community up there in Brevard county, it may have something to do with the prior sexual misconduct on his record, or the serial rapes he committed or maybe the DUI he got, or the fact that after getting his girlfriend pregnant (you know this part you were sleeping with him at the same time too) he abandoned her so he could spend some extra time with you… needless to say, his reputation isn’t stellar so you’re going to need to have thick skin.

The next thing you need to know is that Keith is never just with one woman. He will always tell you that you’re the only one and that everyone else is just a “friend, co-worker, tutor for the girls, past-nannies, past-housekeepers, past meal-prep ladies, or some other version of platonic”…That will be a lie. But don’t worry he will explain each one away, even when you have irrefutable proof otherwise. And even if you’re a progressive lady open to having multiple partners and an open relationship he will still lie right to your face about the nature of his interactions, always.

Keith is also very lazy. His house is always a mess, there are roaches in just about every corner and you’ll have to compete with the Amazon boxes that get delivered or the Jeep accessories. But don’t worry, soon if he hasn’t already, he’ll buy you stuff too, usually lingerie or sex toys and you’ll get the picture or video requests…feel free to send them, he has a collection and yours will be a nice addition.

At some point you’re likely to get strange emails, friend requests or followers that will reach out to you to ask who you are and how you know Keith. Rest assured these are just women that came either before you or are currently seeing him and they’re just trying to get information. It happens often so you’ll want to draft a response that you can copy & paste to save you time.

If Keith wrongs you or hurts you in any way, it’s best not to address these things with him. He has a problem with criticism because he’s never wrong and his feelings and how things affect him are the only thing he really cares about. Oh I know, he has probably asked you about your life, your childhood, your dreams. You’ve probably spent some time talking and getting to know one another. But that wasn’t for your benefit, that was for him. He’s learning you now, studying you for a time when he can begin breaking you down. But hang in there, the best parts of the relationship are yet to come.

Let me guess, he’s so happy he can finally open up to someone who understand him, that he connects with, whose sexual appetite matches his, the chemistry palpable and you two can’t get enough of each other, maybe he’s already stepped up and played the “role” of dominant…you sweet little sub you. Good girl, doll.

Well you’re welcome, I introduced him to those things and he played the “role” but was NEVER a true dominant because his narcissism wouldn’t allow him to care or nurture others. He’ll do it for a while and then it, like everything else will fall to the wayside because Keith doesn’t like to “adult”. So get used to time spent on the couch…I hope you like the couch too, he raped me there first, before dragging me into the bedroom.

On sex with Keith…it’ll be great at first, lots of energy and enthusiasm but that too will drop off and you’ll be woken up with sloppy gropes and even sloppier attempts at middle of the night sex…you’ll have to work your way around the snacks he leaves in bed like the skittles and other candy or orange peels because he doesn’t like to move around too much after eating…

Oh about about the exes, myself included…Keith will describe everyone else as “crazy, obsessed, stalker or other variations with a negative connotation because he wants to triangulate women,


20180715_165454(fact…the main target of Keith’s triangulation is Amy),…if you don’t know what that means I provided a link for you within the word itself. It may help you understand why YOU feel so superior to everyone that came before you.

Now I can’t tell anyone how to live their lives but what I can tell you is there is a network of women who have had the same experience with this man, that’s why he’s called a serial rapist…it means he has raped more than one person on more than one occasion…nothing for you to concern yourself with and certainly not anything you should mention to your daughter(s). It doesn’t even matter that his step-daughter was removed from his home due to the inappropriate nature of his relationship with her…semantics. You keep doing you!

I hope one day we meet. I imagine our first opportunity might be at the motions trial scheduled in November. If you have any questions in the meantime I am all ears.


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