Watching two women fighting over your rapist like… whiskey tango foxtrot! How is this life right now??

I wrestled with posting this. I did. It shows a very ugly side of me, the angry side of surviving rape. I wasn’t sure if my anger was misdirected or if it was legitimate anger at the individuals involved. I have actually stopped and started this post several times over in the last 2 weeks. But then something happened and I embraced that my anger is just as much a part of healing as everything else.

I have remained open. I have remained transparent and honest and because of that women who have been victimized in one way or another reach out to me. Now I would never turn my back on a woman in need, especially one coming forward about abuse, whether it’s emotional, mental, physical or sexual. But there are limits and I have met mine. I received an anonymous email from a woman who stated that someone she knew was involved with my rapist Tsgt Keith Alan Snyder of Patrick Air Force Base and that this woman was currently pregnant and in need of help.

My heart sank when I read that email. I didn’t know what kind of help she needed or what her situation was, but I feared the worst and I answered shortly after digesting what I had just read. The more emails I exchanged with this anonymous person, the more convinced I was that it was her, acting on her own behalf. The anonymous emailer suggested I contact a woman by the name of April G******. I did and we began speaking.

My heart broke for her as she began unraveling the details of her relationship with Keith. She spoke of the all too familiar relationship struggles that she faced. The lying, the cheating, the manipulation, the triangulation with other women, the emotional abuse, the mental abuse, the way he used her for sex etc. All of it heartbreaking, none of it criminal. Over the course of our conversations she made some alarming confessions, like she knew about his trial, the charges against him etc and I became increasingly aware that she STILL was fighting that battle of wanting to be with him or in his life in some way and knowing that what she was facing was abusive and wrong. I continued to be honest with her about my own experiences and also reiterated that I could not speak to anyone else’s behalf, meaning Keith’s other sexual assault victims, as it was not my place to do so.

And then shit just got weirder…

It got downright unbelievable.

That moment when you’re sitting back watching two women cat fight over your rapist.

In corner number one… April, recently separated mother of two little ones who is currently pregnant with my rapists child. April entered into this relationship with Tsgt Keith Alan Snyder in September of 2017, which was just shortly after he raped me. April knew of Keith’s reputation from Patrick Air Force base yet decided to give it a go. She was not disappointed. Shortly after their time together she realized that he was cheating on her with other women. One of those women began to stalk her through social media and eventually ended up contacting her to spill the dirt. You would have thought that April knowing Keith’s reputation and it being proven true that she would have ended their budding romance straight away. However, that is not what happened. She continued down her path with Keith to discover that he was facing a court martial for six counts of sexual assault with bodily injury and multiple victims. Not because he told her, but because she found the paperwork he was issued regarding the charges he would face.

Ok surely April would do her due diligence and want to protect her existing two small and vulnerable children from a violent sexual offender…nope, not a chance. April blindly accepted Keith’s dismissal of the importance of this discovery despite the fact that she had caught him lying to her in the past and caught him cheating on her. She pressed forward.

April without any explanation from Keith about multiple rapes and multiple rape victims went on to continue her relationship with him while still married soon she would get pregnant.

The loving, supportive partner that she chose to remain with was so overjoyed that Keith insisted she terminate her pregnancy.  You’re probably thinking that would be the end of their saga, but no, she remained and made the decision to keep her child. A noble decision, to continue to carry the baby of a serial rapist and despite information about Keith’s father who had raped Keith’s deceased wife Jessica. Yes you read that correctly…Keith’s father raped Keith’s wife Jessica before she passed away unexpectedly. Must be in the genes.

April did beg me not to tell the biological father of her children because he would “take them away, he can’t know” meaning that she is FULLY AWARE that what SHE is engaged with is wrong, unhealthy and harmful not only to her but to her children.

I came to know about April through a “friend” of hers who emailed me anonymously on her behalf. I still believe it was April herself who emailed me. I told April my story and the story of others Keith had victimized and she listened intently. I answered her questions honestly and without reservation for two reasons, the first and most important is that I am terrified for the safety of other women who have been exposed to this serial rapist and two because I have nothing to hide. I wanted to remain as transparent with her about my story as I am about my intentions and although I felt awful that Keith was apparently still up to the same old antics it wasn’t criminal. A point I made to her over and over again. It isn’t criminal to be a piece of shit human being, but it is criminal to rape, assault, torment, stalk and harass people.

I will preface by saying I have a mistrust of anyone who reaches out to me regarding Keith Snyder. It’s something I have been dealing with for the last three years. Women coming and going from his life trying to figure out what the hell happened and how they fell victim to this pathetic little man. I thought I had heard it all until I met April. If I had had a FRACTION of the information she had I would have saved myself a ton of grief. But to each his own.

In corner number two is a woman named Sanette. Now Sanette is more Keith’s “type”. Sanette knew about Keith’s relationship and pregnancy with another woman and pursued anyway. It is unclear to me at this point if she had prior knowledge of Keith’s reputation or if she learned about it shortly after but after a confrontation with April she made her position as Keith’s side piece known and also made it known she wasn’t going anywhere!

Sanette has two daughters, older teenage daughters. I am not entirely sure how old but how proud her daughters must be! Sanette also knows that Keith is on trial for multiple counts of sexual assaults and has multiple victims. I know this because April shared my blog posts about the rape with her. I know that because April has shared her conversations with Amy (the original woman he was cheating on her with) and her conversations with Sanette, hell she’s shared her conversations with Keith with me.

I was hoping that April may have information about my case, that perhaps Keith may have discussed certain things with her and boy I was NOT disappointed.

I now have a front row seat watching these two women exchange barbs and digs at one another while Keith reveals in the competition. I listen as April tells me that he is still inviting her over for the weekend and trying to make things “work” with her as he and Sanette fight, delete each other and their relationship status from social media and then watch as Sanette falls for the same cheesy bullshit that Keith is famous for…gifts, flowers, kind words…the sentiment that no-one else knows him or understands him like she does…and it would be comical except that it’s really fucking sad and pathetic. It’s sad because it’s like watching the same bad movie over and over again and no-ones got the remote.

I have my own intentions. My intention is to see a serial rapist in jail where he can no longer victimize anyone else.

At first I had empathy for these women. I know the trap. I know how Keith preys on strength, vulnerability and nurturing souls but at some point you have to open your eyes to reality. It took a rape for me. I am hoping to save anyone else that trauma.

You see I never believed he was capable of rape either. I felt safe speaking to him alone in his home. I had no reason to believe he was going to rape me, until he did. I never saw it coming. Which brings me to the whole sad, disgusting point…

What the fuck is wrong with you women???????? What are you fighting for??? Rights to a serial rapist? A serial cheater? A serial manipulator? A pathological liar? What’s the prize ladies? Conjugal visits? I mean seriously…what the fuck is wrong with you??

April, you’ve got two small children to think about and you’re sitting around entertaining this man, inviting him into your home to talk, planning a Brady bunch? Field trips to prison? You have a daughter, are you going to feel confident explaining to her why her mother was shit on by a human being that she didn’t even have the intellectual capacity to question about the violent sexual offenses that she discovered???

And Sanette, you have all the information, a benefit none of us had. What does that say about you? What message does that send your daughters? Mommy would rather bark like a dog for a rapist and be continuously cheated on with the mother of his latest child, a woman you knew was in his life when you were sleeping with him too?? Yes let’s teach our daughters to be lying, disrespectful cheaters and ignore the fact that he’s a rapist…that’s so cool! Great message! Be best!

Keith is playing you, the way he has played every other woman who has crossed his path. His mother, sister-in-law and best friend KNOW what he is and support him, they enable him…they are a disgrace. A moral catastrophe of humans that turn a blind eye, because they want to be in his favor too…

April can tell you, I gave her the blue print for his actions including a time frame for when he would do certain things…I’ve yet to be wrong yet, huh April? Of course she never thought Keith would think that she would reach out to me, he was wrong. He’s wrong about a lot of the loyalty he thinks he has.  It’s just a matter of time and I’ve got all the time in the world.

Keep fighting ladies, it’s serving you really well. Do you see how much more fulfilled and drama free your life has been since meeting the infamous rapist Keith Snyder?  Have your tears stopped yet?

This may come off as biting and angry and you’re god damn right it is. I am over here fighting alongside his other victims with everything in me to put this man behind bars where he belongs so that he DOESN’T harm anyone else and you two idiots are over there fighting FOR him.

I am beyond angry. It is ludicrous that you value yourselves so little that you would not only tolerate what he’s done to you personally, but what he’s made other women suffer through. It’s sickening.

It’s women like you that make me not want to pick up the calls or answer the texts/emails from other women who need the help.

Be better women. Be better.

I have no tolerance for anyone who continues to support this low-life piece of trash rapist monster and then acts surprised when he turns out to be everything you already knew, ESPECIALLY  when you’re the ones contacting me!

You ladies can argue over who gets the first conjugal visit. I’ll see you in November, at his rape trial.

You literally can not make this shit up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

So yea…I’m angry. Deal with it.

4 thoughts on “Watching two women fighting over your rapist like… whiskey tango foxtrot! How is this life right now??

  1. Good for you for getting your very justified anger rights. Im just so sorry this nightmare continues. I hope someday he will finally be found guilty. Im so sorry you have to continue to relive this terrible nightmare.

      1. I’m so sorry you are going through this nightmare. I actually know Keith. We met in 7th grade and he has always been an ass! We dated briefly (a weekend maybe) 15 years ago. What you are saying is 100% true about this man. Anyone involved with him is an idiot!! I pray for you and I hope he rots in jail!!!

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