Whiskey Beach Pub #metoo

I wasn’t going to do this but I feel it is an important societal narrative.
I recently wrote to the establishment Whiskey Beach Pub in Satellite Beach because my rapist frequents that establishment on Thursday nights for trivia. It was brought to my attention that he has targeted women from this establishment in the past and I wanted to warn them so that they could protect their female patrons.
I reached out via Facebook Messenger and provided the necessary documentation and this is the response that I received from the bars owner Judith.
Originally when she stated that she was asking both of us not to attend I was slightly off put not because I frequent that establishment, I’ve only been there one time, but because she was treating it as a domestic issue even though she had access to the charge-sheet which lists ALL of the charges that he is being tried for…
It was very clear to me that she was friendly or friends with TSGT Keith Alan Snyder, however I was hopeful that she would take necessary measures to protect her female patrons of her establishment…
Not only is it clear that she did not enforce the policy that she stated to me in her message but she also shared that information with my rapist TSGT Keith Alan Snyder.
So patrons of Whiskey Beach Pub in Satellite Beach please be advised that although you have an owner who is well aware of the risk that one of their patrons poses to women and she previously stated that he would not be permitted to frequent that establishment until this case was resolved, she is willfully and deliberately putting you at risk and choosing to side with a known sexual predator.
Please share and keep each other safe.
If you or someone you know has been a victim of crime please report it to the Satellite Beach Police Department at (321) 773-4400
#metoo #sexualassualt #whiskeybeachpub #buyerbeware #besafe #enoughisenough #complict

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