Just do it~ 9/11

I’m not here to talk to you about the politics of the first amendment. This is one of those rare instances when no matter what side of the argument you’re on, you’re right. Colin Kapernick has the right to protest, people have the right to not like it, Nike has the right to hire him for their campaign, people have the right to protest Nike, it’s a win win for democracy as far as I’m concerned. Nope I’m not here to discuss Nike. I’m here to discuss me and you.

Today and everyday we are afforded the opportunity to redefine ourselves, to wake up and take a different course, to evolve into better versions of ourselves. Today especially marks one of the darkest days in American history and represents a starting point, a defining moment in our lives. Heros and patriots from all walks of life came together as Americans to defend, to serve, to protect, to rescue and to risk it all to preserve the democracy that our great nation stands for.

On 9/11 I can’t recall the race, religion, sexual orientation or differences of those around me. What I can recall is our collective fear, our collective nature, our collective thoughts as our minds raced to make sense of the senseless. I remember holding the hands of patients who had come out of surgery, their worlds completely altered in their slumber and trying to explain through tears what is was they were waking up to. I remember Dr. Simon in his office picking up the PDR (physicians desk reference) and slamming into his office window in grief and frustration and watching the slow crack form against the glass and spread like tentacles. I remember that the very first thing we did as a medical practice was head over in droves to give blood…there was no discrimination, no hate, no cowardice from behind a keyboard only droves of men and women ready to do what very little we were able to do. And that is the true spirit of America.

Not this divisive bullshit spread from all corners on social media and mainstream news, not these keyboard warriors spewing hate but everyday Americans extending themselves to help the greater good of this country.

Where have we all gone?

I’m guilty too. I’m frustrated too. But it’s time that perhaps we actually remember why we started this nation to begin with. It shouldn’t take a 9/11 to unite. It shouldn’t take a 9/11 to express gratitude for those who serve and defend and maybe it’s time we revere the everyday American citizen just as highly as we revere those who serve because we all play a part in this great nation’s successes and it’s failures. We are all equally responsible for our nation and it’s time we acted like it.

Be the reason that someone believes in humanity again and just maybe we can heal our souls, our nation and our planet.

Just do it~

Just do it.

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